Joel David Santner1

Joel David Santner — Film Director, Actor, Writer

Joel David Santner is an award winning filmmaker who began his career in 2011 directing, producing and co-writing his first feature film, Bare Knuckle. Santner won the 2011 DC Shorts Screenwriting Competition for his script, Mirror Image, which later premiered at the 2012 DC Shorts Film Festival. Santner’s other short films include Super 8, which was an Official Selection of the Phillips Collections Home Video Contest and KFGS VII, which was created for the 2012 Speakeasy Shorts Film Festival. Santner’s other credits include numerous trailers designed for theatre companies and a dance piece, Tulips, which premiered at the 2013 RAD Fest. Santner’s feature screenplays include Bare Knuckle, Bare Knuckle 2: Knuckle Up, The Definition of Insanity and Abstract #23.